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Free realty network folders are now available with much improved QR (quick response) folder technology. Network Communications is a U.S. based publishing company that produces the highest quality free presentation folders available for realty offices and individual realtors. Our pocket folders are produced in full color with a protective laminate for long life durability. They are created to your unique requirements with your corporate logo, contact information and unique design. Our Networking folders are produced for your office at NO cost to you. Take a moment and click on the video below which will explain how we will customize free folders for you or your office.


the ultimate networking folder.

Network Communications Q R FOLDER includes a quick response barcode that enables a direct link from your folder to your website using a smart phone. Q R FOLDER is the bridge between the printed page and the electronic world. You can now have your entire website available to your agents and your customers with one click. All, at no cost to you. 


How Network Communications produces folders at no cost.

Businesses in your community interested in real estate networking will sponsor your folders. All we ask of you is to provide us with a list of companies that you network with, Network Communications does everything else. 


Made in the USA

Network Communications is a Vermont based company, and all our folders are designed and printed in the U.S.


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